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If you are a newly qualified skipper or an experienced skipper who enjoys the companionship of sailing in a group then a flotilla holiday could be what you are looking for.



How are flotillas organised?

Flotillas are groups of yachts sailing the same route under the guidance and help of a lead crew.

The lead crew sail the route on their own yacht.  Their job is to lend a hand with mooring, weather forecasting, route planning, and departure from harbours.


A flotilla anchored for a beach party.
How long do flotilla holidays last?

Flotilla holidays are normally one or two weeks in duration, although some clients have so much fun the stay on longer!

Typically on a flotilla holiday you would arrive in Greece on the Saturday.  You set sail on the Sunday, returning to the base on a Friday, and depart on the Saturday.


What qualifications are needed for flotilla sailing?

Although there is a lead crew to help you, the crew of each yacht on a flotilla must be able look after themselves and their yacht.  Most flotilla holiday companies like to have a qualified skipper (RYA Day Skipper or the equivalent) and an experienced crew member on each yacht.

Several flotilla companies have associated with them a sailing school that can teach you all you need to join a flotilla.  Our sail school, Poros Yachting Academy, run pre-flotilla courses; a 6 day course for those with little or no sailing experience and a 3 day refresher course for those who are a little rusty or new to sailing in the Mediterranean.  These courses bring you up to the standard required to sail on flotilla.


Relaxing in the sun
Which yacht should you choose?

The yacht you select will be determined by the size of your party.  Look at our cruising yachts explained page (click here) to see what is available. Remember that if you are new to sailing  "big" is not necessarily "best", smaller yachts are easier to handle, particularly when manoeuvring in a small harbour.


How much does this type of holiday cost?

Prices, of course, depend on the number of people in your  party and the size of yacht you choose.  Two people sharing a 32' yacht for one week (mid to high season) will pay approximately 1000 per person.  This includes flights from the UK to Greece, transfers from the airport, the yacht charter, the services of the lead crew, etc.


Who to contact?

Greek Sails, whose yachts are used by flotilla companies, can help you plan your flotilla holiday. Click on their logo to display the details:



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