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For the qualified skipper bareboat charter gives you the opportunity to sail and explore at your own pace.  You may decide to do a longer passage to get to a particular destination or stay in the same harbour for two nights giving you time to explore ashore, the choice is yours.



What is bareboat charter?

Put simply; you charter (hire) a yacht without a crew.


Heading south from poros Island

What qualifications are needed for bareboat charter?

Most charter companies require that the skipper and at least one of the crew must have experience in sailing and yacht handling. The skipper must be holder of a skipper’s qualification (e.g. RYA Day Skipper or equivalent).


Are there limitations imposed by the charter companies?

Aside from the crew limitations mentioned above charter companies may restrict your cruising range depending on your qualifications.  In some cases a simple of limit on your distance from the home base at the end of charter may be in the conditions of charter.



What support can be expected from the base staff?

Normally, the base staff will provide advice and technical support free of charge, providing the yacht is within a specified range of the base. Beyond this, technical assistance may be provided by either base staff or independent technicians (where available) at your cost.


Which yacht should you choose?

The yacht you select will be determined by the size of your party.  Look at our cruising yachts explained page (click here) to see what is available. Remember that if you are newly qualified "big" is not necessarily "best", smaller yachts are easier to handle, particularly when manoeuvring in a small harbour.


What is included when I charter a yacht?

Fully equipped and insured cruising yacht. The equipment will typically include all that you require to sail the yacht, safety equipment, bed linen and blankets, and galley (kitchen) equipment.


How much does this type of holiday cost?

Prices depend on the size of yacht you choose and the season. A 32' yacht for one week (mid season) will cost approximately £1600.  This excludes flights from the UK to Greece, transfers from the airport.

Additional costs may include fuel, water and mooring fees – possibly as little as £100.


Who to contact?

Greek Sails, who own their a fleet of immaculately presented yachts, will be happy to help you plan your holiday.  Click on their logo to go to their web site:



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